Important Covid-19 House Rules

Important COVID-19 House Rules

Keeping both you and us safe is our number one priority and in order to do so, here are some house rules, applicable from the 11th of May until further notice.

1. Upon arrival and departure you need to wear a face mask, which you need to bring with you. Face masks are in short supply and we cannot guarantee that we will have these on hand.

2. Every time you enter the building, it is obligatory to use the hand sanitizer located on the table in the entry.

3. To keep the risk of contamination to a minimum, we will be limiting face to face contact and ask that if you need anything during your stay, please send us a message via text or whatsapp.

4. Apartments will be sanitized between guests and we are limiting the number of reservations and increasing the minimum night stay to ensure we have plenty of time for cleaning.

5. As shoes transport bacteria, we will be asking that you do not wear your shoes in the apartment and wear the slippers provided or that you wear a pair of trainers/slippers that have been sanitized or we can sanitize for you.

6. Breakfast baskets will continue to be left outside your apartment door daily, we have always only ever used suppliers that meet our strict hygiene requirements and the baskets will be sanitized and sealed.

7. Suitcases can also transport bacteria so we will be disinfecting these upon your arrival.

8. Any restrictions put in place by the French Government and our Mayor will be provided to you and we would ask that you comply with these important requirements.

9. If you feel unwell during your stay, please let us know immediately and we will arrange urgent medical care.

We hope you understand the need for these rules and our main priority remains unchanged, we want to ensure you have an enjoyable and safe stay with us♥

amicalement, Leeann & Guy